Quality Control

Quality Control is built into our process from the analysis of raw materials and packaging as they are received, to testing of finished products as they are packaged and all points in between. Testing is performed at all steps of production from the batch produced, to samples as packaging is taking place through review of finished product. Samples of these finished products are retained to monitor any unexpected changes over time.

In product development consistency and stability of the finished product is vital in maintaining consumer confidence in the product being designed. Significant testing and monitoring of a new product to monitor how it acts under various conditions is part of the process. This can take time but is worth the investment to ensure a quality result.

Once a final formula is created with the resultant product demonstrating the required results, care is taken to ensure the process for mass production is carefully prepared with testing procedures built in at each step to provide a quality finished product.

We work with a supply chain that provides inputs that are trusted to reduce the chance of inconsistent production. If suppliers are changed for any reason, testing is performed to ensure the replacement input is of required quality.