How long does it take to have a product produced under private label?

If one of our formulas are being used, the length of time required to have a packaged product delivered will depend on time required for label design, with appropriate information included on it, whether container being used is a stock item, whether dispensing top (cap, pump, or trigger) is a stock item and whether the corrugate carton is a stock item. We have a good supply chain that can supply most requirements within a reasonable time-frame. If all inputs are either stock or readily available a product may be ready for market with 15 to 30 days. Some more involved projects can take much longer

If a new formulation is being created that will require stability and field testing, a number of months may be required.

Are there minimum order requirements to have a product private labeled?

Yes, and the minimum will depend on whether the product is a stock formulation or a new design. There can be significant time involved where a new formulation is being generated and the minimum order requirement will be higher than if the only new input is a new label. Each private label agreement will be different depending on the circumstances.

Does CP Industries carry stock containers to choose from?

Yes, CP Industries ltd has many configurations of product bottles, pails, drums to pick from, along with caps, pumps, triggers and cartons to put the finished product in. We also work closely with bottle and carton manufactures to provide an unlimited number of options to choose from.

Can we provide our own bottles to be filled and packaged?

Yes we can work with customer provided inputs for both raw material and packaging.