Field Tech Support

CP Industries Ltd maintains a highly trained team of technicians available 24 hours per day, seven days a week to support our customers where we have installed machinery and dispensing equipment.

In the food processing, hospitality, and manufacturing industries, cleanliness is more than just a goal – it is the key to staying in business.

CP Industries Ltd. assists in maintaining the highest standards of safety and sanitation by providing quality controlled superior products, in equipment installed by our highly trained staff and by working with your staff to ensure all involved understand the process required for a safe environment.

We work with your plant management to develop and implement an entire cleaning and sanitation program. We can assist with:

  • Creating manuals for cleaning and sanitizing both food and non-food contact points
  • Develop defined cleaning frequency guidelines
  • Train your employees to use cleaning products and chemicals correctly and safely
  • Evaluate your processes through inspection, testing and observation