Starbright is a concentrated, granular equipment cleaning compound for use both manually or with high-pressure equipment and is biodegradable. Its concentrated formula tackles the toughest grime and is economical to use. Its foaming action is easily rinsed and does not leave streaks with normal water and concentrate. It leaves no residue and is safe for most painted metal surfaces. It is for use in either hard or soft water and emulsifies oil and grease and will not harm skin or clothing. It dissolves completely and readily so it will not clog pressure systems. Starbright can be used both indoors or outdoors to clean and degrease concrete floors, even if painted and for exterior vehicle cleaning (manually or through high pressure washer). It is safe for automobile carpet and upholstery cleaning and can be used where solvents are not permitted.

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  • Product Code: 0360
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    • Available Sizes:
      • 40 lb Pail
      • 100 lb Drum
      • 400 lb Drum