Foaming Alkaline Cleaner

This highly chelated, alkaline cleaner is formulated for use in bottling operations, meat packaging and other food processing plants where the highest standards of cleanliness are the criteria. Ideal for use in soakers and dip tanks, or with spray and foam applicators designed for alkaline cleaning of process equipment components, hooks, trolleys, etc; and for cleaning of kettles, tank exteriors, smokehouse walls and all surfaces that are impervious to strong caustic solutions. It is especially effective for bottle-washing and label removal providing brighter, water-spot free bottles – with a level of scale control that eliminates water hardness problems.

CP Industries Foaming Alkaline Cleaner - heavy duty cleaner for soak, spray or foam application

Product Support Documents

Product Specifications

  • Product Code: 0149
  • Product Type:
    • Non Chlorinated Alkaline Foaming
    • Smokehouse Products
  • Available Sizes:
    • 4 x 4 L/Case
    • 20 L Pail
    • 205 L Drum