Fast Rip

Fast Rip is a heavy duty, concentrated non-ammoniated water based stripper for “machine-less” stripping of floor finishes and waxes. It is biodegradable and non-flammable. Fast Rip will not harm surfaces that are not affected by water, yet it is strong enough to remove accumulated wax build up fast. It has a pleasant scent with no ammonia odour. It contains an evaporation retardant to keep surfaces wet and contains a super suspending agent to prevent re-deposition. Free rinsing properties allow for complete pick up of stripping solution. With Fast Rip, there is no need for floor scrubbing machines, pads or neutralizers. It will prepare your floor to receive new floor finish, leaving no alkaline or detergent residues.

CP Industries: Fast Rip, floor finish stripper

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Product Specifications

  • Product Code: 0141
  • Product Type:
    • Carpet and Floor Care
  • Available Sizes:
    • 4 x 4 L/Case
    • 20 L Pail