Alcohol Sanitizer 70

Isopropyl alcohol works by denaturing proteins and dissolving lipids, effectively destroying many types of bacterial and viral cells. Isopropyl does not dehydrate living tissue as much as ethanol, making it a superior solution for disinfecting skin. Isopropyl alcohol is often used as an antiseptic for this reason.

Alcohol Sanitizer 70% is a good option for cleaning desks, phones, keyboards as it sanitizes and evaporates quickly  or can be wiped off.

CP Industries: Alcohol Sanitizer 70%, a no rinse alcohol sanitizer

Product Support Documents

Product Specifications

  • Product Code: 0730
  • Product Type:
    • Sanitizers
  • Available Sizes:
    • 6 x 946 ml
    • 4 x 4 L/Case
    • 20 L Pail
    • 205 L Drum
    • 1000 L Tote